“Leitz collected a few exciting problem/solution pairs that can significantly boost your productivity”

Csaba Kissi, Solopreneur

Get the 10 crucial rules of software development.

Elevate your skills as a Software Developer by learning these dead-simple rules over your lunch break.

“10 Rules for Devs” is a book that teaches you the 10 most valuable rules for business software development.

I wrote this book because I didn't see anyone discussing the crucial topics in software development.

These are 10 rules that came hard way. Not from professors in stuffy college classrooms who make their money teaching but in the trenches. Writing real software that makes real money.

These are the 10 most important lessons I learned in my 25 year career and they've helped me make over $4 million.

  • The importance of using custom scripts
  • Question everyone
  • Understand your tools
  • The truth behind floating point numbers

By the end of the book, developers of all levels of experience will have the confidence to apply these rules to your software development journey.


Table of contents

Here's all the rules in this book.

“10 Rules for Devs” is comprised of 10 tight rules.

There are many books out there with good tips on how to be a better developer, but those take hours to read and cost upwards of $50.

Busy devs can learn these 10 rules in about 15 minutes.

What are the 10 rules?

  1. 10 Rules for Devs


Tools and resources that help you follow the rules outlined in 10 Rules for Devs.

Use these resources to help create Bash scripts faster. Embrace rule 1!

  1. Lickety Script

    The premier Bash script accelerator. Create a Bash script skeleton in seconds. Best of all, it's free!

  2. Bash Swipe

    My Bash Swipe file with 11 templates that help you quickly get your Bash scripts doing what you want.

  3. Leitz on Twitter

    My personal Twitter account where you can tweet me any questions you have.


10 Rules for Devs

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Some kind words from early readers...

I worked with a small group of early access readers to make sure all of the content in the book was what they needed. Here's what they had to say about the finished product.


Mike Leitz – Hello! I’m the author behind ‘10 Rules for Devs’.

I've been developing professional, large scale applications for 25 years. Systems that handle 100,000,000+ transactions a day and generate millions of dollars for big businesses.

When you develop software professionally, you don't have time for large training manuals and courses. That's why I wrote 10 rules for devs. Get valuable developer tips over your lunch break.